Mindfulness Warwickshire
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What happens on a course and will it benefit me?
What happens on a course and will it benefit me?


Mindfulness courses are taught over 8 weeks. Classes take place in a welcoming, friendly and supportive group setting. Courses include theory and discussion to deepen your understanding of mindfulness and how it works, and meditation practices to develop your ability to be mindful.  


The skills and understanding you will gain include:

  • learning mindfulness meditations: breath awareness, body awareness, awarness of thoughts, gentle mindful movement and mini meditations for daily life,
  • understanding how our reactions to difficulties and pain can increase our suffering and learning how to reduce our reactivity and respond in more beneficial ways, 
  • learning to bring a kindly and supportive attitude towards yourself when you are struggling.
Between classes you will be given daily meditations and small tasks to deepen your learning and integrate it into daily life. CDs and a course handbook will help you with home practice.

How will learning mindfulness benefit me? 

There is a large evidence base of studies demonstrating the benefits of mindfulness training. Benefits for the general public and for those suffering from mental and physical health conditions include:
  • significantly reduced stress, anxiety, depression;
  • better ability to manage unpleasant emotions such as fear, anger and irritability;
  • greater sense of well-being;
  • reductions in perception of pain and emotional reactions to pain.