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Mindfulness for organisations - reducing stress and increasing effectiveness
Mindfulness for organisations - reducing stress and increasing effectiveness

It is official, stress levels have increased over the last 20 to 40 years; numerous studies have shown this. Modern life, with our increasingly busy and complex work and home roles and the technology that enables us to communicate constantly, seems to aggravate stress. 

Common signs of stress are constant tiredness, irritability with others and feeling constantly driven. When stressed we rush from one task to another, often before we have finished the first task. Our attention suffers too, we can find it hard to keep focused on the task in hand as our concentration wanders. A stressed work force does not work effectively and constant stress can lead to illnesses such as high blood pressure, anxiety and depression. 

Mindfulness, by cultivating awareness of what we are doing as we do it, helps us to find within us a place of stillness however frantic our world and so reduces stress. Mindfulness also greatly improves attention, after a few weeks of mindfulness training people generally concentrate better and their memory improves as a result. 

This course is based on the book "Mindfulness, a practical guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World" by Mark Williams and Danny Penman. It is ideal for work-place and other organisational settings, such as colleges and universities and has been taught to university student and MPs. It has been designed to minimise the time commitment of participants whilst still producing long term benefits. 

The course can be devered as 8 weekly classes of 75 minutes. Participants learn a variety of simple, powerful practices that help break cycles of stress, anxiety and exhaustion and improve concentration and memory.  Participants will be given short, achievable daily assignments to help integrate the practices into their day-to-day lives.

Courses can be adapted to fit in with the needs of clients. Longer sessions and taster sessions are also available. 

Courses can be run within organisations or at other venues.