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Breathworks mindfulness for stress
Breathworks mindfulness for stress


Stressful events are inevitable in life but lots of us make stress worse by how we react to it. Often we worry, we get angry, we panic, we blame others, and then we worry more and get more upset.

On the Mindfulness for Stress course we learn how to recognize and let go of all the extra unhelpful thoughts and feelings we add on to stressful experiences. We may still have the stressful experiences but that’s all we have and this can make our stress a lot more manageable. 

Mindfulness practices also help us to find stillness, to become calmer and develop a deep sense of stability, from where our problems are much easier to deal with. 

This course is for people dealing with stress of any kind, whether associated with work, relationships, financial difficulties, loss or other factors outside their control. 

Each week on this eight-week course you will learn new strategies and approaches within a warm and friendly group setting. You will also be given daily home practices to deepen your learning and integrate it into your life.

CDs and a handbook are supplied to support your home practice.