Mindfulness Warwickshire
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What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the awareness that comes from paying attention, in the present moment, with a warm and curious attitude. Cultivating mindful awarness can enable us to live more in the present moment rather than repeatedly going over the past or worrying about the future.

Everyone has the capacity to be mindful and we can train ourselves to be more mindful through practicing meditation. Mindfulness is a simple skill to develop but it requires practice and commitment. Mindfulness doesn't get rid of problems but it can help us feel less overwhelmed by them and develop the emotional stability to meet and respond to them with greater wisdom and thus reduce our suffering. Mindfulness can help us reduce stress, live fulfilling lives despite our problems and recognise and change unhelpful ways of thinking and behaving. 

MIndfulness isn't therapy or a relaxation method (although a sense of calm and relaxation may somtimes result from practicing mindfulness).  It is a mind and body training that develops skills you can use throughout your life.

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